Lewis Aptekar- The Wedding Cake Designer

Lewis Aptekar is a Great Person Who is a professional when it comes to the world of Cake and Pastry Work. He is a great chef who knows his work pretty well. Lewis is a pastry chef and has designed the cakes with great level designs. Lewis Aptekar is known for his great style of working. Different Types of Cakes can be made by Lewis Aptekar:

Cherry Blossom Type Cake– This cake is inspired by the style of Cherry Blossom style.


Rose Type Cake– This cake has got its inspiration from Rose


Fancy Type Cake– This is a trendy style cake


Water Fountain Type Cake– This cake is inspired by the Water Fountain style


Royal Type Cake–  The royal look of the cake is a delight to watch


Happy Type Cake– A happy Mood cake


A great Cake maker and designer, He is a marvelous person to get inspired. Also Visit: Wedding Cake Designer Lewis Aptekar on Top Social Media Channels


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